About Us

Section G7 Serves 7 Lodges: Anpetu-We, Black Hawk, Illinek, Illini, Nisha Kittan, Shawnee, and Woapink. These 7 Lodges represent Scouts and Scouters from four councils: Abraham Lincoln Council, Greater St. Louis Area Council, Mississippi Valley Council, and Prairielands Council.


The Section Serves as a bridge between the Lodges and the National Level of the Order of the Arrow. Along with advising and aiding the lodges, the Section holds two main events in addition to Council of Chiefs MeetingsThe ACT Conference and the annual Section Conclave.


The Section Chief also holds duties outside the Section. They attend the National Planning Meeting (NPM) every year and have the ability to run for and elect the next years National Officers. At NPM, if not elected to National Office, the section chief plays a role in Planning the years Program of Emphasis such as NOAC, Opperation  Arrow