Section G7, as it now, was renamed at the conclusion of the 2022 Section C-3B at the exact moment the first Section G7 Chief, Matthew Caldwell, was elected. This moment marked the end of the Central Region as all other Sections of the Legacy Central Region had transitions to the two new Regions: Gateway and Eastern.

Section C-3B was formed in 2009 after the merging of various sections within the Central Region. The lodges that were members of the new section were: Anpetu-We, Black Hawk, Konepaka Ketiwa, Illinek, Nisha Kittan, Shawnee, and Wenasa Quenhotan. Just three years later, another Area reorganization formed the last Section C-3B. With this, Konepaka Ketiwa and Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge joined Section C-3A and Illini and Woapink Lodge joined Section C-3B.

The seven lodges: Anpetu-We, Black Hawk, Illinek, Illini, Nisha Kittan, Shawnee, and Woapink still form Section G7 to this day. They represent Scouts and Scouters from four councils: Abraham Lincoln Council, Greater St. Louis Area Council, Mississippi Valley Council, and Prairielands Council

Since our inception, we have had many great youth leaders serve as Section Officers. Our Past Section Officers can be found in the table below. 


We have also had Chiefs from our Section rise to roles on the Region and National Level listed below:

Past Section C-3B Chief, Eric Harrison, was elected as the 2019 National Vice Chief. 

Past Section C-3B Chief, Mike Gray, was elected as the 2013 Central Region Chief.