Past Conclaves

YearThemeHost LodgeLocation
2022Brotherhood of the RoundtableWoapinkRhodes-France Scout Reservation
2021The Brotherhood CourtIllinekCamp Illinek
2020Luau at LevisNisha KittanVirtual
2019Arrowmen OddyseyAnpetu-WeCamp Lewallen
2018Greatest Show on EarthShawneeS-F Scout Ranch
2017Setting the Conclave Scene for 2017IlliniCamp Drake
2016Lighting the Second CenturyBlack HawkSaukenauk Scout Reservation
2015Living the Legacy, It Starts With UsWoapinkRhodes-France Scout Reservation
2014Up Up and OAIllinekCamp Illinek
2013Arrowman InvestigationNisha KittanCamp Joy
2012May the Brotherhood Be With YouWenasa QuenhotanIngersoll Scout Reservation
2022A New Generation of Cheerful ServiceAnpetu-WeCamp Lewallen
2010Come Together in BrotherhoodBlack HawkSaukenauk Scout Reservation